Sankosha Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

2018/09/20 Info



Sankosha celebrates its 40th anniversay on Wednesday September 19th with the guests from the world over.

Great many guests came over to Sankosha to celebrate the 40th anniversary, and enjoyed their stay with many entertainments.

 Welcome to Sankosha!

  Greetings by Yusuke Uchikoshi, president and Mitsuyuki Uchikoshi, founder.

  Factory Tours

Reception Party

40th anniversary celemony at Keio Plaza Hotel

 Yusuke Uchikoshi’s greeting and introduction of board menbers.

  Congratulatory speeches from the special guests : Jeff Dunn(U.S.), Nobuyasu Igarashi(Japan) and Tae Suk Kim(Korea).

Toast! by Tom Zengeler, Chicago, U.S.

Japan’s traditional performing arts

Introduction of legendary persons who have dedicated to promote Sankosha: Colin Wright (NZ), Jean-Pierre Cardon(France) and Alfred Olschinsky(Germany).

Words from Keisuke ‘Ken’ Uchikoshi.

“Draw-line” by Norimoto, president of Hakuoh Cleaning, Hiroshima.

It was a really nice party.

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