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We challenge ourselves everyday looking at the dry cleaning industry
over the next 10 years.

Sankosha helps create a profitable business structure for dry cleaners.

We will always listen to our customer’s voices to help improve our products and do so in the quickest possible time-frame while remaining the most accurate in the world.
That is why over 95% of each Sankosha product are made in house.

Because we make almost everything in house, we can continue to monitor quality and still meet prompt delivery times.

Accumulated quality improvement know-how provides for a constantly growing foundation of technical and quality innovations.

Regardless of size we are extremely knowledgeable about the cleaning business;
from small to large shops.

Technical capabilities of Sankosha

Another advantage of in-house manufacturing is the improvement of technical innovations.
Repetitive running tests and strict assessment makes
the accumulated knowledge of quality improvement possible.
More than 40 years of technical experience generates future technical innovations.

Corporate culture
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