Company’s Vision

Company’s Vision

Company’s Sankosha aims to be the industry leading company for profit
and operational satisfaction in the laundry and dry cleaning industry.

Basic Group Policy for Company Success

  1. The mission of the Sankosha Group is to make the laundry
    and dry cleaning industry attractive to all.
  2. In order to achieve this task, the Sankosha Group
    supplies products and services that maintain profit and
    operational satisfaction to our customers in the industry
    at their factory.
  3. The advantage of the Sankosha Group is that we can see
    our customers’ faces. The Sankosha Group will achieve
    its mission with strong relationships in the industry
    eventually attaining No. 1 market share in the world.

Quality Policy

  1. “Customer First” and “Supreme Quality” are to be the motto
    that we carry as we satisfy our customers with products
    and services.
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