HR Policy

HR Policy

HR means Human Resources.
Sankosha HR policy is a policy or mindset for all the associates
to act spontaneously toward Company’s Vision.

Associates are expected to have“responsibility and strong entrepreneurship”.

We respect personality but we ask associates to work in line
with management policy and mindset. We also require our
associates and organization to foster “sense of crisis = sense
of speed”.

Our company’s profit depends on the speed of“development of marketable products”and “improvement of highly profitable products”.

We further try “to lower the cost” and “to improve work
efficiency” and manufacture profitable products in a profitable
way. We also try to improve quality to gain customer’s
(market’s) reputation and grow sales. Accordingly, we appreciate
associates who contribute ”to lower the cost”, “to improve
work efficiency”, and “to improve quality” and work
“in a smart way”.

Seniority, automatic base-up, or age-limit system is not a way for us. We adopt“evaluation system by competency, contribution, and achievement”.

As long as our company keeps good business performance,
we try to secure employment for those who have responsibility
and entrepreneurship, and those who are expected to
challenge “competency, contribution, and achievement”.

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