Event dateEvent nameplace
11-13 July, 2019
Sankosha to join Expo Clean/Laundry, Jakarta

Jarkarta International Expo, Indonesia

Expo Clean/Laundry 2019 Jakarta

25th through 27th, September, 2019
Sankosha to join texcare Asia 2019 (Shanghai)

Shanghai, China

上海・texcare Asia 2019

Trade Show Schedule

■Expo Clean/Laundry, Jakarta - Indonesia 11-13 July

Expo Clean/Laundry 2019 Jakarta

■Clean Show, New Orleans-U.S., 20-23 June

Clean Show 2019 New Orleans

■JET Expo, Paris-France, 19-21 May

JET Expo 2019 Paris

■Wolkersdorf, Austria 29 March, 2019

Putzerei Klaus

■LDL Equipment Open House, Deinze-Belgium, 26-28 April, 2019

LDL Equipment

20-23 June, 2019 Sankosha joined Clean Show in USA

New Orleans, LA

Clean Show 2019 New Orleans

29 March, 2019 Sankosha Joined Klaus Cleaning’s Openhouse in Austria

Wolkersdorf, Austria (20km North of Viena)

Putzerei Klaus

26 - 28 April, 2019
Sankosha Joined LDL’s Openhouse in Belgium

LDL Headquarters in Deinze, Belgium(60km West of Bruxelles)

LDL Equipment

Jan. 8, 2018 Sankosha Joins the International Tradeshows in 2018

**March 27-29: Jakarta, Indonesia "Expo Clean/Laundry 2018"

Expo Clean/Laundry 2018

**April 22-23: Ascot(London), U.K. "CleanEx 2018"

CleanExpo 2018

**July 18-20: Shanghai(上海), China "Intl Laundry Industry Expo(中国国際洗染業展覧会)

国際洗染業展覧会 2018

**October 19-22: Milano, Italy "Expo Detergo"

Expo Detergo 2018

**Throughout the year: Many other local tradeshows world over.

Oct. 19th(Fri.) - 22nd(Mon.), 2018 Sankosha Joined Expo Detergo, Italy

Fiera Milano, Italy

Expo Detergo 2018

Oct. 14-16, 2017 JET Expo

Paris, France

JET Expo 2017 Paris

Oct. 21, 2017. Sankosha joined open house of SK Corp in Seoul, Korea

SK Corporation
508-601 Nature Hill
730 Umeyeon-Dong
Seocho-Gu, Seoul
Tel: +82 10-2262-0627

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